About Us

Driving community strength through events and donations.

A Nonprofit for North Dakota

Formed by a group of EPIC Companies’ team members, community leaders, and entrepreneurs, EPIC Charities is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides plaza spaces and additional enrichment opportunities for youth and underserved populations across North Dakota

Our Mission

To sponsor equitable opportunities that help children and communities thrive. 

Community Events

In addition to providing financial support, EPIC Charities coordinates community events in conjunction with other entities such as school districts, park districts, and other community organizations. These events prioritize theater, sports, art, and a diverse array of other programming that enriches the youth in our community. 

Our Vision

We strive to enhance the well-being and stability of future generations. We accomplish this through grants and donations, which we pay forward with scholarships to North Dakota communities that feature EPIC properties.

How We Pay-it-Forward


We apply for applicable grants to help support our mission.


We use funds to support higher education by providing opportunities to our communities.

Funds raised will go back into these communities through events, opportunities, scholarships, and more.

Our Communities

North Dakota communities with an EPIC presence.

+ Bismarck
+ Fargo
+ Grand Forks
+ Minot
+ West Fargo

North Dakota EPIC Charities presence

Our Values

What we stand for.


We take a long-term view on supporting children in our region because they are our future. 


We support projects that not only spark a child’s creativity but also allow them to thrive. 


We provide opportunities for children to flourish through engaging programming in theater, music, and other creative art mediums. 


It’s more than being invited, it’s being accepted when you get there. We take care of the details so kids can live in the moment.

The Wave

EPIC Charities & The Wave by EPIC Water Park Resort

"This Partnership ensures that community members of all ages—no matter the income level or abilities—can use the facility."

Community Partnership

EPIC Charities will partner with The Wave by EPIC Water Park Resort in 2025.

This Partnership ensures that community members of all age—no matter the income level or abilities—can use the facility. We plan to work with local schools on internship experiences and lifeguard opportunities. Safety is of the utmost importance and will never be compromised.

The Wave will not only enable health, recreation, and inclusivity, but it will also provide families with a magical experience… and our community with a powerful means to brand its cultural identity.

The Wave by EPIC Water Park Resort, ND’s largest indoor water park, is planned to be open in 2025. For more information about EPIC Charities & The Wave visit TheWavebyEPIC.com.

Official Documentation

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