EPIC Charities Hires Art Coordinator

In an organizational first, EPIC Charities is excited to announce it has hired Matthew Wuorinen as Art Coordinator to help the organization fulfill its mission of instilling the Arts in the Communities it serves. 

Wuorinen has vast real-world experience that he is excited to bring to EPIC Charities.  

“Being hired on as the Art Coordinator for EPIC Charities is great,” said Wuorinen. “Not only will I get to be able to reach out with our monthly Draw Club, but also get to grow as an artist and an organizer reaching out in our community.” 

Through his role as Art Coordinator Matthew Wuorinen plans to hold monthly a Draw Club. Which is a grassroots, free, community gathering of people who seek out the creative outlet and be around others looking for a creative outlet. Wuorinen also will be leading a yearly Art Show, Community Art Experience, organizing public Art, monthly workshops and working with partner organizations to help move art forward in the communities EPIC Charities Serves. 

EPIC Charities Executive Director, Kevin Mehrer is excited to welcome Wuorinen to the organization. “This is such a big step forward for our organization,” Mehrer said. “Matthew has so many talents that will move EPIC Charities forward. He is also so connected to the local and regional art scene he is a natural fit to our team.” 

Wuorinen is largely a self-taught artist. He has spent the last five years working on projects such as growing his Draw Club, teaching youth classes at the Plains Art Museum and Unglued in Fargo, ND.  He studied at Minnesota State University Moorhead focusing on Mass communications- Advertising. In his free time, Wuorinen likes to run long distance has he has completed four Fargo Marathons, or you can find him around town on his skateboard. 

EPIC Charities would like to recognize The Art Partnership for helping sponsor part of the work Wuorinen does through his Art outreach. 

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